Taylor Houghton Portrait

Taylor Houghton

Photo location: Johnston Canyon, Banff, Alberta

Taylor Houghton is the founder of Contrast Creatives, and is a passionate nature photographer who loves exploring. Growing up in a forested area of Ontario, she spent much of her time hiking through the woods, camera in hand. 

Taylor graduated the Algonquin College Photography program, and has since moved to the Alberta to pursue her dream of being a nature photographer.

Taylor's creative work is inspired by her love of nature. 


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Michael Langlois

Photo location: Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec

Mike is a photographer from Ottawa, Ontario. He is a graduate from the Algonquin College Photography program. Throughout his time studying photography, he developed a love for macro photography. He enjoys capturing details we normally couldn't see with the naked eye.

Mike is always looking for the next big hike, or mountain to conquer. He enjoys the different views that each hike has to offer.


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Jasper Portrait